Nilai 3 – The Biggest Wholesale Center In Malaysia (HD)

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Nilai 3 Is The Biggest Whole sale Center In Whole Malaysia For Home Decoration Goods Like Carpet,Bamboo Mat,Chair (Kursi Malas),Flowers,Furniture And Many Other stuff Related To Home Decoration,

The Success of Nilai 3 wholesale center, Malaysia

Nilai 3 wholesale center is undoubtedly a one-stop destination of wholesale, tourist and shopping paradise that offers a wide variety of goods and items at very attractive and competitive prices. Especially its located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia where very rare having this kind of concept.

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In judging from its sheer size — 165ha — It is currently still holds the record as the country’s largest wholesale center even though there are some areas try to establish same concept. It is not easy to emerge as such and success like Nilai-3, Malaysia. Apparently, hard work from the management and state government linkage is crucial. They have done a great job on this.

When we visited this place last year, 2007 it still have some free lands to be developed in future. Recently, the developer just completed some rows of shop named Istanabul near the first entrance junction. Roughly about 40 newly built shops there. This is an additional good news for tourist. After completed these shops, size of the unoccupied land is reduced by some portion. We do believe in the near future there will be some more shops to be build by developer. This is to cope with the people coming to this place especially weekends and public holidays.

Short history of this famous place in Negeri Sembilan :

The centre was initially set up in December 2001 to promote goods from China. At that time, China market just opened to the world. It then, evolved to what it is now; aimed at drawing visitors particularly city and town folks of KL and Seremban to come and experience shopping in the outskirts. Not forgetting, during weekends and public holiday this place is crowded with people who are coming by bus from all states. It is a fast gaining popular warehouse shopping center.

The majority of shops comprise textile dealers selling merchandise at wholesale prices. Among the goods include furniture, car accessories, carpets, garden equipment, bags, luggage, sexy dressing, ladies accessories and others. Lately, NGV installer also set up there. Undeniably, it will give visitor convenience to do some NGV servicing or Installing works while family members can shop around. Fantastic concept!

If you drive to the place, look out for signages. They are a lot of sign boards displayed at the main road when you are closed to this area. You should check out this area and you might end up with a good bargain!


Post time: Oct-24-2017
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